(Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland) Brand Name:Gep )
  • high waterproof high strength fiber cement decorative wall board
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  • Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Gep
  • Model Number:A003
  • Type:Fiber Cement Boards
  • Color:Black
1.A1 Level Fire Retardant;
2.Non-toxicity; Non-radioactivity;
3.No formaldehyde;
4.No asbestos; Soundproofing;



About our company:


1.November 1999,GEP was founded;


2.Agust 2000,GEP received GuangZhou City Municipal's Certificate of Highly Recommended Building Material;


3.July 2003 GEP was awarded the China brand Name Product certification;


4.Agust 2003,China Olympic Construction&Equipment Planning Committee Approved and Recommended GEP's product to be used;


5.For the construction of 2008 Beijing Olympic Facilities;


6.2004,GEP expande Factory from 7,000 square meters to 18,000 square meters;


7.2004,GEP increased production from 5000 sq/m day to 10,000 sq/m day;


8.At November 2009 GEP was named High-tech Enterprise by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province;


9.Establish the industry standard;


10.In 2012 New factory located in QingYuan City Guangdong Province,have an area of about 80,000 square meters;


11.Improve Five Brand new new Automatic Production Lines;

12.Production Amount can Increase to 50,000 meters per day;


Brief introduction of Mgo Board:

The basic board materials are the environment-friendly board materials which are made in one production modeling by using the modern new technology after many years of research and technical innovation.The material has a wide scope of application.It can replace the wooden board,medium density fiber board,gypsum board and calcium silicate board.That is,it can be applied in the indoor partition wall and ceiling decoration in the office  buildings,hotels and malls,ect,and also be used in such industries as furniture manufacturing,fireproofing doors and ventilation pipes and other industries where materials are needed.










1.Toxin free and harmless;


3.Sound insulation and mothproof;

4.Moisture resistant&Heat resistant&Impact resistant;

5.Can be drilled,sawn and nailed;



1.100% free of asbestos,no smoke or poison in case of meeting fire,creating  a green and healthy living spacce;

2.Super strong heat insulation performance,which saves cold and hot energy;

3.Good fireproofing performance,with combusbitibility reaching Grade GB8624-2006A1;

4.Fast and convenient construction,which improves working efficiency;

5.Superior sound insulation performance,which ensures peaceful and graceful living environment;

6.The basic materials have high strength,good stability and good flexibility without deformation;

7.Water resistant and moisture resistant,free from the impact of condensed bead or moist air;

8.The board is light,aging-resistant and has a long performance life;

9.Protection against mould,bacterium,insects and termites;



Brief Introduction of fiber cement board:

The Fiber Cement Board is invested as a new type of separating board to be used in the interior space. It was manufactured with patella cement, silver sand and porcelain granule under the cadre of the fiberglass mash so that the structure is as same as the cement wall.  The Fiber Cement Board has excellent stability and durability and will not be deformities with time. This produce is well used for internal spacing in Europe, America and Japan. The construction way is the same way as the moral spacing board. Both sides of this exclusive product can be used. The rough side can be sticked with ceramic tile, stone board and glasses est. The smooth side can be sticked with wallpaper or be painted. It is the best wall product to be used in high class room, high-tech factory, shopping mall and hotel...........






915 x 1220





Excellent Waterproofing

Except the fire retardant, the Fiber Cement Board has another outstanding feature -- waterproof. Most of the boards in the market are un-waterproofed and when they are in touch with water, their structures are damaged and will peel off or become rot. The Fiber Cement Board not only doesn’t have these problems but also can be used as the material to against water. According to our test, the water tank made by Fiber Cement Board will not leakage after 120 days full of water (around 200L water). It also passes the CN313777 waterproof test. Againsting water is a superior feature of Fiber Cement Board.

When use this product in the washing room, first make them as the wall. After waterproofing and caulking, pour in 100 meter water and seal it up. Wait 30 days to test the waterproof. When all these steps are done, pour out the water and make the decoration so that can avoid to the leakage for damaging the expenses construction material.


A1 Level Fire Retardant

The Fiber Cement Board has been passed the test as A1 level fire retardant by Chinese building materials quality inspection center. It is more safety to be used as the decoration wall.


Fire Resistant, Save Energy and Environmental Protection

The Fiber Cement Board has only 0.117kcal/mhC heat rate. It has excellent fire-resistant effects. To use this product as wall or roof top will well isolate sun heat, increase the efficiency of air conditioning and save electricity. It is the best way to use the saving energy construction product.


Safety, Non-toxicity, Healthy, Non-radioactivity.

All material to make the Fiber Cement Board is highly selected and has been passed the material test by national construction material testing center. No formaldehyde, asbestos and other cancerogenic substances.


Superior Soundproofing

The Fiber Cement Board has been passed the sound insulation RW test by national construction material testing center and the result is 39dB. If use this board in interior room, it can insulate the sound between each rooms. If use them as wall, it can insulate the noises from road.


Stability, Durability and Non-deformity

The combination and character of the Fiber Cement Board are similar with concrete. Concrete has been used for hundred years and its stability and safety are well known. There is not much variation even it’s been used for a long time. No other chemical effects will occur such as damp. The resistant of acid-base prevent the board for avoiding bugs biting...


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